We are The Hidden Ladder Collective, a rapidly growing tidal wave of creative energy based out of Portland, Maine. Canned culture does not create us. Instead, we create our own universes through art.

We bring art out of the cage of the museum and onto the street where it is accessible and interactive.

Art belongs to everyone and to all of our senses.

The boundaries between mediums have been shattered.

Boredom is unacceptable. 

Inside of everyone is a hidden ladder that leads to a universe of their own creation.

We are compelled to keep climbing our hidden ladders and to help others find theirs.









The Hidden Ladder School 2019 Class Registration is open 

Art Night (Every Sunday Night 8p - midnight)

Turnstyle Thursday Open Mic (Every Thursday Night 7-10p)


12 Hour Painting Marathon in the streets of Portland, ME coming soon!

Art & Music Tours across the country happening in 2019

Please follow the Hidden Ladder Collective facebook page for updates. 


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"In art, there are no rules."

Hidden Ladder Collective