The Hidden Ladder Collective is a rapidly growing tidal wave of creative energy based out of Portland, Maine.  In this collective, painters are musicians are filmmakers are writers are photographers are activists are sculptors. The boundaries between mediums have been shattered.  We are all creators.  We are buskers, inventors, collaborators, activists, strategists, and performers. We are accountable to art.  We are resourceful.  We make art out of anything and everything.  Boredom is unacceptable. 


The Hidden Ladder Collective has been putting on monthly art shows since November 2012 most notably at the Meg Perry Center and Mayo Street Arts and CTN 5. With each show awareness grows and the crowds pour in through our open doors.  Our shows are interactive, innovative, and accessible.  In Rip and Tear we invited you to rip art off the walls.  In Sensory Circus we allowed you to experience it with all five of your senses.  In 10 Minute Showcase, the performances became the art.  In Portal To, you became the art itself.  At Cardboard Monster you could draw all over the artwork with markers that hung from the ceiling.  Our shows are designed to feature creative and talented artists, while giving everyone the chance to unleash their own creativity. 


The Hidden Ladder Collective was started by Abbeth Russell and William Hessian. Original core members include Sighless, Myles Bullen, Agee Tibke, Sarah Capra, Bridget McAlonan, Colton Ort, Marrion Ladd, Seth Dussualt, Barry Miller and Kevin Gallagher. The Collective itself is an undetermined number of artists that vary between 25-50 members, and is growing every day. 


In 2015 the Hidden Ladder Collective joined up with the Union of Maine Visual Artists to put on art shows, and art events in Maine. 


The Hidden Ladder Collective embarks on 2 art tours each calendar year across the United States performing art, music and games. If you are interested in having us stop in your town, send us a message


Art Night 

Every Sunday we have Art Night, a gathering of collaboration and inspiration. 


Protect Portland's Creative Community

Through action, persistence, and optimism we protected the freedom of street artists in Portland, Maine. 


If you are interested in joining the Hidden Ladder Collective, learn more.