2015 TOUR!


    The Hidden Ladder Collective is going on    

      tour October 2015 to spread our unique     

     brand of Art, Music and Games. 

       Collaborative art events, high energy    

     music shows, and spreading

        PBL Robots the card game.  


                        Artists your will see on tour:

 Abbeth Russell, John "Sighless" Supinski,

Myles Bullen, William Hessian, Patrick Russell


Current events (updated often):

October 3rd  Dice Dojo, Chicago, IL 

October 5th, Level Up Games, South St. Paul, MN

October 6th, Minnehaha Free Space, MN 5-9p

October 7th, The Source, Roseville, MN 6-9p

October 9th, Ed's No Name Bar, Winona MN

October 10th, House Show, MN (contact us for details)

October 11th, Jamestown Art Center, ND

October 14-15, Missoula, MT

October 16th, Gamma Ray Games, Seattle, WA 

October 16th, Card Kingdom, Seattle, WA 6-9pm

October 17th, Meeples Game Cafe,Seattle, WA 6-9pm

October 18th, Blue Highway Games,Seattle, WA 2-5pm

October 20th, Edge of the World Game Store,                                        Eugene, OR (12-3pm)

October 20th, Vanilla Jill's, Eugene, OR 7-10pm

October 21st, Oberon's Three Penny Tavern

                          with Colton Ort, Ashland, OR 7-9p 

October 22nd, Northtown Coffee, Arcata, CA 5-8p

October 25th, Honey Hive Gallery, San Fran, CA

October 27th, Salt Lake City, UT

October 29th, Indiana 


If you would like to support our cross country tour please donate here


Also check out all our additional game day events for 

our card game PBL ROBOTS