Many artists in The Hidden Ladder Collective create undergound publications; comics, zines, poetry books and fiction. All of the work is created locally in Maine. Check back often to find links to the artists, view samples of the work and how to purchase their work on this page. 








Hidden Ladder Comics

Abbeth Russell is a founding member of the Hidden Ladder Collective and has been putting on crazy interactive art shows every month for the last year at the Meg Perry Center. You may have seen her juggling, selling art, or screaming songs around downtown Portland, an act she recently took around the country. Abbeth teaches art and juggling at Rivertree Arts in Kennebunk and at Mayo Street Arts in Portland.


For sale at this year’s Comic Con are “Legend of The Ladder People” comic books. The Ladder people have been in Abbeth’s sketchbooks, paintings, poems, and sculptures for the past 8 years. They recently made their appearance in this comic book and in her first ever puppet show. Also for sale are a variety of Abbeth Russell originals. 

Abbeth Russell


William Hessian

William Hessian is a traveling artist from Minnesota known also as the Canvas Killer and Mr. Art Hunt. In the summer, William travels the country performing free art hunts for different events. Canvas Kill Live is a live art performance where he kills the artwork he creates in front of an audience using swords, knives, and/or fire. William has created a dozen underground comic books and creates web comics. William now resides in Portland, Maine and teaching comic book class and the Art of Star Wars to students in Kennebunk.


A limited edition Coast City Comicon issue of SILK CHAINS was created just for this event and available for only 3 dollars. William is also selling Tales of Master Kroy, Cat Hole and a Maze Book. Over 70 different versions of Bearded Bunny prints exist, but many have been sold out (only 15 of each are made).