Fight for Artist's Rights

When we hear our city of Portland, Maine was proposing harsh regulations against street artists, we banded together with over 1,000 people and successfully protected the First Amendment right of artists to sell their work on the sidewalk. We established the facebook page Protect Portland's Creative Community and the group Creative Community Coalition which are still in place in case artists in Portland find themselves in jeopardy again.

Interactive Art Shows

Since 2012, we have been curating interactive art shows where we invite the audience to become a part of the show. Click here to check out all of the cool shows we have done!

12 Hour Painting Marathons

You can often find us set up on the street for 12 hours straight making large scale paintings and inviting anyone walking by to collaborate.

Sunday Night Art Night 

Since 2012, every Sunday night is ART NIGHT in Portland, Maine. Members and guests of the Hidden Ladder Collective are invited to a creative atmosphere where poets, musicians and artists gather and create.

Turnstyle Thursday

Since 2012, every Thursday night is Turnstyle Thursday in Portland, Maine. The strangest open mic around, we welcome anyone to participate and be broadcast on public access TV.

Hidden Ladder Tour

Twice a year, members of the HLC get into a van and travel the country doing art, music, busking, and game events

Hidden Ladder Games

Members of the HLC collaborated to create PBL Robots and are currently working on other game related projects

Hidden Ladder Press

A publication of projects by the HLC

Hidden Ladder Records

Musical projects by the HLC. Click here to check them out.

Art classes

Many of the members of the HLC share their craft by teaching students of all ages


Many members of the HLC perform and sell their creations on the street