Joining the Hidden Ladder Collective (HLC) means:
- Believing in the collaborative mission
- Creating and hosting one Hidden Ladder Collective event in the calendar year.
- Paying the $20 annual membership fee.
Members will receive:
-A fancy HLC membership card
- An opportunity to generate income as an artist by creating and selling items for 
   the Patreon page every six months 
- Invitations to attend and participate in all HLC events, performances, art shows, 
   art marathons, teach classes, submissions and publications. 
- Promotion of their events to the entire collective and Facebook page. 
-A link on the HLC website
-Opportunity to write/benefit from HLC grants
- The chance to collaborate with a passionate group of artists, musicians, and writers. 
-Invitation to Meetings/ Meeting minutes 
-Opportunity to vote on key collective decisions
Join Online Today
To apply by mail-
Fill out this form:
Please enclose a check made out to the Hidden Ladder Collective for $20 (or $10 after 
January 1st for that calendar year). Memberships runs from August 1st through July 31st. 

Mail membership forms and checks to:
Hidden Ladder Collective
PO Box 11105
Portland, ME 04104