The Card Game


                                                                             A strategy dice and card game that

                                                                             allows you do manage your own                                                                                    giant robot and blast away your                                                                                      competition.    


                                                                             PBL ROBOTS has a deck building                                                                                  phase where you draft your roster                                                                                  and collect resources to build your                                                                                  robot. Each player selects a unique                                                                                starter pilot and then the game                                                                                      begins as each player upgrades                                                                armor, hires crew, builds hangers and attacks in                                                   an attempt to blow off all the limbs of the opposing robot.


The gameplay combines elements of luck with 13 dice included with the game. Armor stacks in an original way as you watch your robot grow and change as you play new cards on top of it. 100 playing cards, 10 starter pilots and 3 die-cut base robots are included in each game.


A Kickstarter campaign will launch soon. Find us on Twitter and Facebook for exclusive sneak peeks of game artwork and cards.     

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